Are Your Employee Rights at Stake?

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Employer-Employee Conflicts Are Messy

Turn to a renowned employment law firm in Washington, DC or Chicago, IL

You work hard-you want to be fairly compensated for your efforts. If you feel as though you aren't receiving the benefits you've earned, it's time to contact an attorney. Clark Law Group, PLLC is an employment law firm with locations in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL. We help employees and employers deal with discrimination, benefit and agreement issues. We can even assist you in creating a fair employment contract draft.

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Navigate difficult situations

The workplace is full of conflicts and misunderstandings. Sometimes, you need help from a versatile employment law attorney. We deal with situations involving:

Employment law

  • Employment law mediates the relationship between employees and employers
  • Protect yourself against unfair wages, discrimination, harassment and more
  • Resolve employment disputes fairly

Employment litigation

  • Employment litigation takes workplace disputes to court
  • State, local and federal laws all govern employee-employer relationships
  • File individual or class action lawsuits

Disability benefits

  • Seek Social Security benefits if you're no longer able to work
  • Receive assistance with submitting the proper documentation
  • Request an appeal if your application is denied

Disability discrimination

  • Protect your rights against unfair treatment due to your disability
  • Receive reasonable accommodation from your employer to help you work
  • Seek legal action against harassment from coworkers or supervisors


  • Unfair treatment due to age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality or disabilities
  • Discrimination can be open and overt or discrete and concealed mistreatment
  • Protect your legal rights by filing a discrimination claim

The Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Protect your employment status during a family or medical emergency
  • Seek FMLA rights with at least a 30-day notice to your employer
  • File a lawsuit if your employer is refusing to provide leave

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

  • Covers employee status, child labor, minimum wage, overtime pay and record-keeping standards
  • Seek overtime pay withheld from your paycheck
  • Protect minors from hazardous or excessive working conditions

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

  • Sets minimum standards for pension plans, health plans and employment-related compensation
  • File an appeal if you were wrongfully denied health benefits
  • Protect yourself against termination to prevent you from obtaining benefits

Whether you need an employment benefits attorney or a federal employment attorney, you can count on our firm for sound legal counsel.

Trust an experienced legal team

Our employment law firm has been serving residents of Washington, DC and Chicago, IL since 2007. It was founded by Attorney Denise Clark who has worked as an employment law attorney for over 20 years. She has represented unions, employees and employers through a variety of situations involving employment benefits and ERISA. Meet with a reliable employment law attorney from Clark Law Group in Washington, DC or Chicago, IL today.


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